Important Announcement: The University of Alabama has decided to take away the 3.5 and 30 ACT requirement for YLDP. Under the new agreement, UA will award full tuition to up to 3 YLDP students. They will still receive a $1,500 stipend as well.  This is such a generous offer and a testament to the YLDP students who have attended UA, including one of our stars Elliot Spillers.  Thanks so much Amber Capell, Assistant Director of Scholarships, and UA!!!!

2016-2017 YLDP Scholarships

Jefferson State CC – $36,000
Three, Full tuition and fees scholarships $12,000 each

Lawson State CC – $36,000
Three, Presidential Scholarships $12,000 each

Wallace State CC – $36,000
Three Presidential Scholarships $12,000 each

Shelton State CC – $24,000
Two Presidential Scholarships $12,000 each

The University of Montevallo – $78,000
One, $4,500 per year (21 ACT), $18,000 each
Five, $3,000 per year (21 ACT), $12,000 each

Auburn University – $120,000
Three, Full Tuition Scholarships $40,000 each
***Must be admitted to Auburn

UAB – $64,000
Four, $4,000 per year/ $16,000 each (24 ACT/2.5 GPA)

Jacksonville State University— $15,000
May be divided among several students

The University of West Alabama—$100,000
Ten, $2,500 per year for four years (19 ACT)

Birmingham Southern College – $300,000
Five, Half Tuition Scholarships (22 ACT/3.0 GPA)
*** This special YLDP scholarship CANNOT be stacked on top of any other merit based scholarship at BSC.

Troy University – $50,000
One, Chancellor’s Award 7,500 per year (25 ACT) , $30,000
Two, Excellence in Leadership Awards 2,500 per year, $10,000 each
(Cannot be stacked with Chancellors or Millennium Award)

The University of Alabama – $138,000
Three, Presidential Scholarships plus $1,500 per year stipend

University of North Alabama – $160,000
Twenty, $2,000 per year
Can be stacked but not to exceed $10,000/Year (18 ACT/3.0 GPA)

Auburn University Montgomery – $4,000
Two, $2,000 one time Freshman Leadership Scholarships
(20 ACT/3.0 GPA) *Must be admitted by March 1st
Does stack with Recognition, Achievement, Warhawk awards

Stillman College- $60,000
Three, $5,000 per year for four years (19 ACT/3.0 GPA)

University of South Alabama – $8,000
Two, $2,000 per year Leadership Scholarships (24 ACT/3.0 GPA)

Mississippi State University – $3,000
Three, $1,000 one time scholarships
Does stack with any other awards with no ACT/GPA requirements

Monetary scholarships – $30,000+
For other higher education institutions
*Additional cash scholarships available through partner promotions

*Junior Scholarships – $ 2,500 (tuition awards)
BSC Student Leaders in Service & Walsh Academy of Leadership

Click here on how to redeem a scholarship

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